Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Manchester City 2020-2021 Kit & Logo Dream League Soccer

Manchester City 2020-2021 PUMA
kits for Dream League Soccer 2020 (DLS20), and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third.
All Goalkeeper kits are also included.
I hope you will enjoy play the game with kits from dlskitchanger.com

The main novelty in the Citizen shirt is the presence of purple, color that has had a secondary role in several uniforms (mostly alternative, or in the stockings). The name of the club is applied on the back of the neck in purple. A wave chart, which will be seen on several PUMA shirts, decorates the celestial surface. Finally, a legend that commemorates the 125 years of the club appears under the shield, which maintains its official colors. Shorts and stockings in white with a touch of purple and variants in sky blue complete the uniform.

The visit - whose design is a tribute to the extinct nightclub The Haçienda - is black with a sky blue fist and another pink, the logo of PUMA in this last color with touches of yellow on the main sponsor and a few chevrons on the right shoulder. The word Manchester in black-out and vertical arrangement decorates the ribbon behind the neck. Shorts and stockings accompany this shirt.


URL :https://i.imgur.com/jvPwRze.png

Home Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/pJhLVMb.png

Away Kit
URL: https://i.imgur.com/UaKdyRA.png

Third Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/o8QzLhZ.png
GK Home Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/Q3bvGlr.png


URL: https://i.imgur.com/M0vx6jH.png
GK Third Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/KMPuD0T.png


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